Many fortuitous greetings!

You have arrived at the landing page of the 197 Society of Gentlemen.

The aforementioned group complies to the below Statement.

Mission Statement

The Society of Gentlemen is a mutual support group that gives men a safe place in which they can express themselves, ask for help on issues that are negatively affecting them, and provide help to others who are experiencing issues that they have experienced previously.

The Society aims to provide activities that enrich its members’ lives, with all members contributing to the meetings held, and actively seeking and providing help when needed.

The Society will alway seek to assist members on becoming better citizens, improving their outlook on life, and giving providing them with the skills that they need in order to succeed in life.

The Society is not affiliated to, nor approves or disapproves of any specific political, educational or religious groups but may be in contact or collaboration with aforementioned organisations where the principle of lifelong learning would cause such contact for educational purposes.