The Code, Virtues and Actions

The true way of a Gentleman is measure by what he does, how he speaks and treats all others. This way is codified conceptually through the 1 Code, 9 Virtues and 7 Actions of the Gentleman which describe his inspiration and daily actions.

1 Code

One man can make a difference, a Gentleman can make all the difference.

The code describes the simple fact that a person can make a difference, through their actions and speech whether by providence, mistake or intention.  A Gentleman acts with willful intention, guided by the Virtues and following the  Actions so that the difference can be positive, beneficial and be a good example to follow.

9 Virtues

The Virtues describe what a motivates and inspires the Gentleman to be the best version of themselves that they can be.


To avoid extremes of behavior being in control of your person and keeping to the ‘middle way’.


To behave properly, to be clean, well dressed and gallant.


To be modest, honest, quietly confident and extolling the virtues of others.


To have the firm determination to accomplish what you set out to do.


To not waste money or resources needlessly, make best efficient use out of all you can.


To be well spoken, polite and make good use of appropriate language.


To make good use of what little time we have, be steadfast and industrious in your endeavours.


To behave with appropriate respect, avoid manipulating or abusing the intimacy of others.


To be calm, composed and to control anger, aggressive words and thoughts.

7 Actions

These are the actual physical representations that extol from the Virtues that a gentlemen should be aware of and perform wherever possible.


Pay attention to others, be considerate to their nature. Enjoy introducing and welcoming all those present.


Be polite and respectful – behave in a considerate and thoughtful manner.


Be realistic, don’t over labour or skirt around tasks, nor waste energy on superfluous vision.


Act with courage of the heart avoiding bluster or bravado – take the step. Act.


Share and be generous with what you have available, time, wisdom and energy are all valuable.


Learn. Always.  You can never know enough and your brain degrades when you stop.


Be a protector of others and yourself, be strong and steadfast – an Ethical Warrior.